Meaty Opportunities and challenges

Globally consumer expectations are spurring brands to create distinctively shaped, highly transparent, hygienic, easy-to-open packaging with excellent graphics.

Sugar tax: Thousands ‘might lose their jobs’

The beverage industry believes that the proposed sugar tax will lead to job losses –  up to 60 000 jobs – in the thousands because the tax will lead to a drop in sales.

New baking products from Robertsons

Robertsons has created a series of brand new additions to its baking range that caters for a new generation of whiskers, blenders, sifters and kneaders.

Packaging Innovation

Looking for the next wave of growth

Recently Boxmore Packaging significantly increased its capacity and competence through strategic acquisitions. Its newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer, Leonard (Len) Engelbrecht shares that the company’s ambition is to be the leader in PET in SADC and Indian Ocean Islands.

Your finger on the pulse

Foods indigenous to Africa are a good malnutrition solution, writes Nokuthula Vilakati

Due to the increasing concerns for the environment, food security, health and nutrition, pulses are one of the best foods to feed the millions of people suffering from chronic hunger, micro-nutrient deficiencies and chronic diseases. The majority of people suffering live in Africa.


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Boxmore’s new CEO Len Engelbrecht shares his plans for the award-winning company.

* Building a bread culture in SA. We speak to SA Chamber of Baking’s Geoff Penny about the industry’s challenges.
* From zero to hero: flax is suddenly a hot ingredient in thE baking sector thanks to the rise and rise of low-carb and gluten-free diets.

* Consumers are demanding both freshness and long shelf life in their packaged meat products: how can the industry handle these competing needs?
* Dramatic growth forecasts for the meat industry
* How to make meat tasty? It’s complicated!

Snack attack: The market’s buoyant – but competition is intense. Who wins?

Supply chain: The distribution industry is facing radical technological change. We look at the key factors in the supply chain revolution.

Year of the Pulse. The humble bean, lentil and chickpea is enjoying celebrity status in 2016 thanks to a major push by the United Nations to create awareness about the nutrient benefits of pulses and the key role they could play in addressing food security.


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This month’s highlights:

  1. Newcastle’s Rob Hoatson is taking on the bottled water giants with a bold new brand that’s starting to make big waves.
  2. Courlander’s has been in business for over 100 years. We profile it’s fourth-generation CEO, Claire Tucker.
  3. LAB REPORT: Spotlight on two of SA’s leading food safety labs, SAI Global and M&L.
  4. The non-GMO trend has received a big boost with the imminent launch of SA’s first dedicated GMO-free maize mill. And it took rice millers to shake up the industry!
  5. The ASA: Do we need it? Last month we took the Advertising Standards Authority to task for over-reaching its mandate. This month Nigel Sunley springs to the organisation’s defence.
  6. Low-Carb Tango: Meet Nadine Hardy-Petzer, who’s satisfying the low-carb hunger for tasty, grain-free snacks.
  7. Paper Bag Breakthru: It’s been around for ever, always the same. Now Bosch has come up with an air-tight solution that promises to revolutionise this trusty packaging.



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  • For decades the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has masqueraded as a quasi-judicial institution with the power to punish the food industry. Finally, this fraud has been exposed.
  • It’s mid-year and the Flavour Oscars are in full swing. This year’s nominations are …
  • Processing machinery giant Bosch has captured many of the big boys as customers – but now it wants the small guy too, and it has launched a range of horizontal and vertical machines to do just that.
  • On-site rancidity testing of oils can prevent a product and safety nightmare. We look at the state of the technology and find out how it’s done on the line.
  • Insects are turning out to be a fabulous protein source and we speak to an out-of-the-box thinker who’s designing home harvesting solutions.


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  • The Van Buuren brothers have perfected the vertical farming concept, generating extraordinary yields. We visit their solution for intensive urban farming.
  • We take an in-depth look at the sugar tax that will be implemented next year and it’s impact on manufacturers. Our verdict is not so sweet.
  • The CEO of dairy products giant Danone has a powerful vision for an eco-friendly future and he spells out the path this global player is taking.
  • Your products may smell good, but what if your brand stinks? We talk to the pioneer of sensory branding in SA and find out how to make brands smell lekker.
  • Rooibos is big business – locally and globally – but it’s taken a long time for those previously excluded by apartheid to start benefiting from the growing demand for this indigenous, healthy tea.