The July issuejuly-cover of Food & Beverage Reporter is packed with fresh foodbev news and insights.

Download it here (it’s a PDF file you can save and read offline).

This month’s highlights:

  1. Newcastle’s Rob Hoatson is taking on the bottled water giants with a bold new brand that’s starting to make big waves.
  2. Courlander’s has been in business for over 100 years. We profile it’s fourth-generation CEO, Claire Tucker.
  3. LAB REPORT: Spotlight on two of SA’s leading food safety labs, SAI Global and M&L.
  4. The non-GMO trend has received a big boost with the imminent launch of SA’s first dedicated GMO-free maize mill. And it took rice millers to shake up the industry!
  5. The ASA: Do we need it? Last month we took the Advertising Standards Authority to task for over-reaching its mandate. This month Nigel Sunley springs to the organisation’s defence.
  6. Low-Carb Tango: Meet Nadine Hardy-Petzer, who’s satisfying the low-carb hunger for tasty, grain-free snacks.
  7. Paper Bag Breakthru: It’s been around for ever, always the same. Now Bosch has come up with an air-tight solution that promises to revolutionise this trusty packaging.