Our October issue is available. Click here to read (it’s a PDF file you can also save and read later).


SAAFost 2017 Congress:  It was bigger and better and  appreciated by all. Read our congress wrap.

Designer drinks: how companies like Chilla and Slo-Jo are reinventing the upper end of the beverage category.

Liquid Gold:  Find out who’s top of the olive oil industry and check out the state-of-the-art in presses at Morgenster.

Chemical-free sanitising:  Meet the  SA company that’s killing pathogens with just water and salt.

Brazil’s King of Cool:  Embraco, the world’s leading refrigeration company, is making its presence felt in SA.

Fakefish is here:  “Seafood” made from plants looks and tastes like the real thing and its coming to a supermarket near you.