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  • Woolworths CEO Zyda Rylands has quietly risen through the ranks. In an exclusive interview she outlines her gameplan to keep Woolies at the top of the “premier league”.
  • If you don’t take the threat of global warming seriously, maybe the threat of a world without chocolate will make you think again. Find out how scientists are working around the clock to help the cacao tree survive climate change.
  • In the aftermath of the listeria crisis, food manufacturers need to get to grips with the Swiss Cheese model of disaster … see how easy it is for the holes in your food safety system to line up for a catastrophe.
  • A whole new world of cannabis-infused foods and drinks is starting to grab consumer attention. It’s a gold-mine for those high on entrepreneurship.
  • Interactive labels that link consumers and brands via social media is now a reality. See how Thirsti partnered with Uniprint to test the virtual water….. and a whole lot more …