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The October issue of Food & Beverage Reporter is now available online. Click on the cover to read the flip-mag version or click here for a pdf version you can save to your PC and read offline.


# Tired old mayo and boring ketchup are getting sexy millennial makeovers. See what’s hot ‘n saucy …

# Call it fortification or call it enrichment … either way, food is getting plenty of added-value these days – but will the “clean” label movement win the day?

# Baking … it’s not just an art, it’s an oven-full of science, says a leading bakery expert.

# The future of bottles is incredibly eco-friendly if the latest innovations unveiled by industry leaders is anything to go by.

All this and a lot more in the latest issue …


Our September issue is now available online. Click on the cover to read the “flip-mag” version or click here to download a PDF you can read offline.


# South Africa’s fynbos botanicals are capturing growing interest as functional/wellness ingredients. We take a look at new research on the health benefits of buchu that are powering the plant to new heights.

# The University of Pretoria has exceptional depth of talent in food research, and its business-friendly partnership approach is starting to pay real dividends.

# SAFoST’s 2019 Congress delivered on all fronts: information, ideas, networking and entertainment. We report back on a very successful event.

# Nitrogen gas is a favourite for shelf life extension, but the hassle of handling those gas bottles … now there’s smart new technology that enables manufacturers to make the gas on site.

# Why has the Lunch Bar stood the test of time? Find out how Mondelez nurtures its iconic snack brands to ensure longevity and profitability.

All this more in the September issue.



The August issue of Food & Beverage Reporter is now available online.

Click here to read our flip-mag version or click here to view/download a PDF version you can read offline.


This month’s issue puts the spotlight on some key dietary trends that are having major impact on the food industry:

# The plant-based meat backlash: It’s booming worldwide, but is it just hyper-processed junk food pretending to be good for us?

# Ketogenic diets – and products – are taking off. It’s much bigger than Banting!

# Cannabis-infused products are flying high. And consumers are eager to experiment.

Also in this issue we look at some big trends in packaging, how smart frying technologies are producing perfect crisps without all that oil, and how KHS is riding the Fourth Industrial Revolution wave.



Our July issue is ready to read in a flip-mag format – just click on the cover below, or click here for a PDF version you can save to your PC and read later/offline.


# In our beverage focus we explore the world of low-alcohol/zero-alcohol drinks which are kicking the booze industry in the teeth and crossing over into the soft-drinks category.

# Smart new snacks with strong wellness claims are making inroads into what was once just a junk food category.

# Real milk without cows? Sounds ridiculous. Well, it’s not. It’s real!

# As the economy contracts, there’s an epidemic of discounting going on  – but foodbev brands face a backlash as consumers are being trained to buy them only when there’s a promotion.

# FSSC22000 is now at Version 5. So, what’s changed?  Well, finally, quality now matters …

# Are there any real alternatives to plastic packaging? We cut through the confusion about recycling.


Our June issue is now available online. Click on the cover pic to read it.


This issue features a special report on the latest developments in sweeteners: Is stevia set for a comeback?; is Monk Fruit the next big thing?; who’s offering specialised sweetener advice to the foodbev industry … and why honey still remains top of the sweetener pops.

We also take a look at the growing interest in kosher foods by non-religious consumers who see kosher as a stamp of quality and safety.

On the food safety front, we go beyond microbial issues into the concerning rise in foreign body contamination of foods – think metal, glass, plastics – and what to do about it.

In the packaging and processing section, we look at how smart conveying solutions can make a huge difference in protecting fragile products. Also, take a look at the stylish rebranding of the Montagu dried fruits and nuts brand, and see why Dairypack Tubs is winning awards for its IML packaging.


Our May issue is now ready-to-read online. Just click on the cover for our flip-mag.


# The 50 Foods for the Future Report puts the spotlight on a select group of plants that will keep humans – and the planet – healthy. Some fascinating super-foods from Africa are in the top 50.

# Starting a food business is tough … especially when you’re thousands of km from home. But Delight Mapasure shows us how it can be done with her boerewors invasion of the UK.

# With the Listeria class-action trial set to begin, we take a look at our Food Safety State of the Nation.

# Rooibos is seeping deep into the global foodbev sector. And this time it’s chocolates …

# If you thought flexo was the only way to print decent labels, you’ll be amazed by what photocopier technology can do these days. Really amazed!

All this and more in the May issue …



Our April issue is now available online. Click on the cover to read it.

This month we focus on the big issue swirling around the future of meat: Can the livestock sector survive the test-tube meat revolution that is now seriously underway? Or does the cow offer so much more to the planet than just Big Macs and farts?

And does the plant-protein sector have any right to seize ownership of words like “burger”, “sausage” and “mince”?

These and other thought-provoking ideas about food’s sci-fi future …


The March issue of Food & Beverage Reporter is now available online. This month’s issue is published simultaneously with our 2019 Annual Suppliers Directory (see below).

FOR THE MAGAZINE:  Click HERE to read this month’s issue online.

FOR THE DIRECTORY: Click HERE to view the directory online.
For a PDF version you can save to your PC, click here.


# The organic movement has come a long from its hippie days – now it’s big business, and Big Food is swallowing it up. Can organic survive with its integrity intact?

# Women, the XX factor in the food industry – just don’t seem to make the headlines. We’re helping to change that with full coverage of the winners of South Africa’s first Food XX Awards.

# The Meat Industry is having a tough time as the focus shifts to plant-based alternatives. Luckily, there’s people like Steve Maresch around who keep the Meat Flag flying high.

# SA had bold plans to combat food fraud when our experts met a year ago. Have we made any progress?

All this and more ….


Our first issue of the new year is out and it’s full of useful and interesting stuff.

Click on the cover and start reading in a flip mag format or grab a pdf version here which you can save and read offline.


# Fever-Tree is the envy of the global beverage industry, bursting onto the tonic water scene just as the craft gin market exploded. We speak to its founder Tim Warrillow about their phenomenal growth and plans for the SA market.

# Dave Bester had a long, distinguished career in advertising. Now he’s the deepest of food discounters, offering food manufacturers a lifeline for their obsolete stock.

# Storm Wiggett, one of SA’s leading foodbev packaging designers, shares her secrets of great branding – and re-branding.

# Our coverage of the Vegan phenomenon continues with several reports from the plant-based-meat-like frontlines.

# Feeding the world’s growing population with healthy food from sustainable sources is a massive challenge, maybe the biggest challenge we face.  Can we save Planet Earth with a single diet?

# New Year is a great time  to put some food safety resolutions in place. We offer you five to get going with.

All this and a whole lot more …


Our year-end issue is out and it’s on-trend with the big things happening in the food industry, like the rapid rise in plant-based meat alternatives and the palm oil nightmare we are facing.

Click on the big grey/white arrow (not the red one!) on the cover for the flip-mag version.

For a PDF file you can download and read offline, click here