Black Crown gin & tonic

Introducing the new, unapologetically African gin and tonic, Black Crown – made from purely local citrus. A bold taste for those who do not hide from the light but step into it. It’s made for modern-day monarchs who rule in fashion, art and music. We’re talking about a drink that celebrates a new kind of royalty. One that is earned rather than bestowed. A royalty that comes with who you are as a self-made king or queen of Africa. 

In celebration of World Art Day on the 15th of April 2022, the newest member of the African royal family will hit shelves nationwide. Black Crown, an authentically African crafted gin and tonic is now available in a 440ml can – making it the perfect addition to any outdoor soiree. The launch itself is a reminder to encourage all young Africans to remain authentic and to be unapologetically bold in owning their crowns – that which makes them daringly creative as they face the challenges of today with courage in their bones and pride in their heart. Let every sip of premium crafted Black Crown remind you that you are proud, brave, and brilliant. You are part of a tribe of dreamers that are worthy of a crown. So, to our kings and queens of African artistry, keep doing what others don’t. And #ownyourcrown 

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