A hearty bowl of umngqusho, a warming mug of boeber, a hot-off-the-coals roosterkoek… all South African comfort-food classics that are best finished off with a knob of real farm butter –  and the perfect wintery dishes to help ring in World Milk Day on the 1st of June! As any local foodie would tell you, the best of our local fare deserves only the best quality ingredients – even if that means calling in a favour from the Irish! Enter, Kerrygold Butter.

It’s for good reason that the Irish are world-renowned for their milk products. Dairy farming is practically part of their DNA.  A whopping 17 000 family-run, intergenerational dairy farms form the beating heart of the Irish dairy industry and, as has been the practice for generations past, Irish cows are pasture-raised. “It’s only fair to say that our dairy products are the best tasting dairy products around!” says Sharmala Adamson of Ornua Africa, the co-operative, which sells dairy products on behalf of Ireland’s dairy farmers. Due to the island’s geographical location, it enjoys the longest grass growing season in the northern hemisphere, meaning Irish cows get to spend an average of 240 days of the year on the country’s grasslands and enjoy a diet that consists of 95% grass. “We believe in farms, not factories,” adds Adamson.

Kerrygold Butter, one of Ireland’s most famous exports, perfectly showcases the benefits of grass-fed Irish milk – it is rich and creamy, with a velvety mouthfeel and a nuanced, cultured flavour profile. No preservatives or additives are included and even the butter’s iconic yellow colour has a natural source – the beta carotene found in fresh grass.

Kerrygold knows that SA’s discerning cooks love using only the best, most sustainable ingredients and that, when it comes to butter, they certainly don’t compromise on quality. And that’s where the #UltimateButterMaster challenge comes in! This fun, interactive competition kicks off, quite appropriately, on World Milk Day on the 1st of June.

South Africa’s best-loved chefs, foodies and personalities including Siba Mtongana, Fatima Sydow, Lentswe Bhengu, Clement Pedro, Aisha Baker, Maps Maponyane and Aletta Francina amongst others will be inviting South Africans to create one of their favourite, proudly South African dishes, using Kerrygold butter. Think fluffy ujeqe with wors and chakalaka, rich butter chicken with flaky rotis and sambals, or even that crazy combo, Weetbix with butter and Marmite!

“I absolutely love desserts and what’s better than anything homemade! Right now I’m indulging in cupcakes and flapjacks and of course, butter makes everything more delicious,” says local fashion influencer and entrepreneur Aisha Baker. “For this challenge, I decided to make Malva Pudding cupcakes, a delicious South African dessert just the perfect size for a cold evening treat.”

All folks need to do to prove they have what it takes to become SA’s inaugural #UltimateButterMaster is to film their cooking or baking process in a fun, creative way, remembering to do the following:
–          Display their ingredients
–          Reveal their Kerrygold butter pack, covering the camera lens with the pack to create a transition
–          Use the speed-up function on the social media platform of their choice, like Instagram Reels
            or Tik Tok, to show some of  the cooking process
–          Reveal the final product and tuck in, either on their own or with family or friends
–          Post their challenge video to social media, tagging @kerrygoldsouthafrica and including the hashtag

Up for grabs will be weekly prizes of Kerrygold merchandise and Woolworths vouchers valued at R1000, but entrants will really want to be eligible for the grand prize: a year’s supply of Kerrygold Butter, R10 000 cash and their recipe featured on Woolworths TASTE magazine’s website, taste.co.za, and the bragging rights of being SA’s first #UltimateButterMaster!

All in all, it will be a foodie fight till the butter end!


For more information about Kerrygold South Africa follow them on
nstagram @kerrygoldsouthafrica and Facebook @KerrygoldSA.