Mzansi’s latest edutainment reality competition show, Colour Your Plate with KOO, teaches South Africans of all ages and backgrounds how easy it can be to eat 5-a-day. By adding at least three vegetables and two fruit to your daily meals, or eating them as snacks throughout the day, you can support your immune system, promote a healthy gut and encourage your overall health and wellbeing.

The tv reality programme showcases exciting ways to use KOO’s much-loved products in your dishes in a fresh way, as five South African contestants battle it out in each episode to become the country’s newest cooking celebrity.

This week’s episode highlights beetroots as the hero product – whether they are sliced, diced, grated or blended. The contestants were challenged to recreate a popular South African favourite “Sunday’s seven colours”, a meal that is packed with vitamins and nutrients – with their personal flair.

“Beetroots are the main ingredient in any seven-colour meal. They are a very versatile vegetable, because of their natural sweetness you can juice them, add them to smoothies, bake them into a cake or turn homemade ice-cream into a colourful explosion. You can roast them, eat them as a side dish or add them to a salad and beetroots are quite fashionable on the plate these days,” says Neo Dikamotse, Marketing Manager at KOO.

The five contestants’ dishes were rated by the show’s judges: award-winning celebrity chef Reuben Riffel, media personality Basetsana Khumalo and KOO’s Nutritionist Arthur Ramoroka. This week they were joined by special guest judge, DJ and radio personality Miss Cosmo.

“Beetroots have grown in popularity in recent years due to the Instagram-worthy burst of colour they add to a plate, as well as the variety of health benefits they offer,” says Arthur Ramoroka. “Beetroots have high concentration of antioxidants which may reduce the risks of certain types of cancer, stroke and heart disease, as well as Vitamin C,” he adds.

Colour Your Plate with KOO broadcasts every Wednesday evening at 19:30 on SABC 2, with repeats every Tuesday morning at 10:00 on SABC 2. Weekly winners will be interviewed on SABC 3’s Expresso Morning Show every Thursday.