After many years of growing the brand locally and internationally, in October 2021, Oryx Desert Salt will be one of the few South African brands to land on Whole Foods Market shelves in the USA.  Whole Foods’ customers look for sustainability, quality and ethics when making food purchasing decisions which makes Oryx Desert Salt a perfect fit.

Oryx Desert Salt a new category in salt, is sourced within the remote, pristine, unpolluted Kalahari Desert. Deep within the desert, lies a vast saltpan where crystal salt is harvested from underground streams running through ancient Dwyka rock formations geo-scientifically tested to be 280-300 million years old, and then naturally sun-dried under the hot Kalahari sun.  The result is 100% pure, naturally organic salt.

Because Oryx Desert Salt is free of preservatives, additives and is unprocessed, it retains all its valuable minerals and micro-nutrients, making it a nutritious wholefood.

Oryx Desert Salt has a fuller yet softer taste due to all the essential minerals and trace elements that exist naturally in salt, including magnesium, zinc and potassium.  It’s subtle yet distinctive flavour-profile means less salt is needed for a more enriched taste. Chefs love using it, they taste the difference!

“No dish at Restaurant Jan is complete without a pinch of Oryx Desert Salt.” –

Jan Hendrik, South Africa’s first Michelin-star chef 

“I use Oryx Desert Salt in my kitchen every single day and use it for various salt events and salt educations in South Africa and globally. It is an amazing mineral, very rich. I love the flavour profile”

Craig Cormack – The Salt Chef – Salt Restaurant 

Oryx Desert Salt is sustainable, coming from an ever-renewable and self-replenishing source in the Kalahari. Refillable glass bottles with long-lasting ceramic grinder heads (so no plastic particles are ground into food!) means customers can refill their grinders over and over by buying value-for-money refill boxes.  Refill.  Re-use.  Real value.

Saves the earth and saves money, too.

Oryx Desert Salt is incredibly grateful to its South African customers and partners who helped create and grow the brand, opening up this expansion into Whole Foods Market.  It’s through the continuing support of their local customers that has helped to build a proudly South African business now available in Whole Foods Market.

Look for the iconic Oryx horns in stores.

Oryx Desert Salt Coarse Grinder 100g

Oryx Desert Salt Coarse Refill Box 250g

Oryx Black Pepper Grinder 50g

Oryx Black Pepper Refill Box 100g

Oryx Smoked Salt Grinder 100g

Oryx BBQ Salt Shaker 75g