Our first issue of the new year is out and it’s full of useful and interesting stuff.




# Fever-Tree is the envy of the global beverage industry, bursting onto the tonic water scene just as the craft gin market exploded. We speak to its founder Tim Warrillow about their phenomenal growth and plans for the SA market.

# Dave Bester had a long, distinguished career in advertising. Now he’s the deepest of food discounters, offering food manufacturers a lifeline for their obsolete stock.

# Storm Wiggett, one of SA’s leading foodbev packaging designers, shares her secrets of great branding – and re-branding.

# Our coverage of the Vegan phenomenon continues with several reports from the plant-based-meat-like frontlines.

# Feeding the world’s growing population with healthy food from sustainable sources is a massive challenge, maybe the biggest challenge we face.  Can we save Planet Earth with a single diet?

# New Year is a great time  to put some food safety resolutions in place. We offer you five to get going with.

All this and a whole lot more …