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This issue features a special report on the latest developments in sweeteners: Is stevia set for a comeback?; is Monk Fruit the next big thing?; who’s offering specialised sweetener advice to the foodbev industry … and why honey still remains top of the sweetener pops.

We also take a look at the growing interest in kosher foods by non-religious consumers who see kosher as a stamp of quality and safety.

On the food safety front, we go beyond microbial issues into the concerning rise in foreign body contamination of foods – think metal, glass, plastics – and what to do about it.

In the packaging and processing section, we look at how smart conveying solutions can make a huge difference in protecting fragile products. Also, take a look at the stylish rebranding of the Montagu dried fruits and nuts brand, and see why Dairypack Tubs is winning awards for its IML packaging.