Our September issue is now available online. 


# South Africa’s fynbos botanicals are capturing growing interest as functional/wellness ingredients. We take a look at new research on the health benefits of buchu that are powering the plant to new heights.

# The University of Pretoria has exceptional depth of talent in food research, and its business-friendly partnership approach is starting to pay real dividends.

# SAFoST’s 2019 Congress delivered on all fronts: information, ideas, networking and entertainment. We report back on a very successful event.

# Nitrogen gas is a favourite for shelf life extension, but the hassle of handling those gas bottles … now there’s smart new technology that enables manufacturers to make the gas on site.

# Why has the Lunch Bar stood the test of time? Find out how Mondelez nurtures its iconic snack brands to ensure longevity and profitability.

All this more in the September issue.