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Laboratory Technology

In this edition we cover some of the main pathogens that plague food facilities globally, and we look at the laboratory technology that is available in South Africa to mitigate those risks before they result in the need for a product recall, or even develop into a food poisoning outbreak.

Baking and milling

From the various raising agents to dry cleaning processing, we dive into the technical aspects in more detail.

Snack Sector

Snacking was a trend that spiked during the pandemic, but even now it remains popular with consumers.

Functional ingredients

Consumers are more health conscious than ever, they are looking for healthier ingredients in their snacks, including high protein.

Into Africa

We take a look at companies that are expanding into Africa, making use of the opportunities that this developing market has to offer.

Plastic free July – not as simple as it sounds

We know it is not a simple task to eliminate plastic packaging from your product lines, so in this issue we take a look at some of the ways to help reduce the impact of plastic we make use of in the food industry.

Refrigeration and logistics

How better to discover more about the logistical challenges of maintaining the cold chain during transport than to interview a company who does just that!

Pouches, sachets and bags

Pouches, sachets and bags remain some of the most difficult items to recycle, due to being made from multiple materials. Yet it’s a sector bringing in rapid innovation.

Multipackaging bundling

Strapping and plastic wrapping is widely used in multi-pack bundling, but can this be reduced effecively, and what are the alternatives?

Case tray packing

Maximizing space, improving logistics, reducing carbon dioxide emissions… just some of the reasons to look at case tray packing.

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