First place for Firstwatch at Spirits Business World Whisky Masters 2022

Firstwatch Whisky has shown its true colours by outclassing 124 brands from 41 global companies and winning a world-class title. By securing Gold at the international Spirits Business World Whisky Masters 2022, Firstwatch earns its place as one of Edward Snell & Co’s top-tier rewards for South African whisky connoisseurs.

Firstwatch Brand Manager, Pierre van der Westhuizen, is delighted at Firstwatch’s achievement: “To receive any medal in this prestigious competition is something any brand could be proud of. But for Firstwatch to win Gold from a single entry is an incredible achievement.

“This victory for Firstwatch is an excellent acknowledgement of the reward ethos our brand represents. Firstwatch Whisky competed against many of the world’s top whisky brands and won over the competition with its rewarding flavour profile. We look forward to many more rewards to come – both for the Firstwatch brand and its customers.

“Our tagline for Firstwatch is ‘First for Reward’. This perfectly encompasses the smooth and rewarding experience our loyal customers have come to love. Firstwatch is an affordable brand with a world-class flavour profile that is unsurpassed for its rich rye taste, golden glowing amber colour and floral aroma, with a subtle, sweet fruitiness and wooded undertone.”

The World Whisky Masters series brought together a panel of esteemed tasters to blind‐taste whiskies from around the globe. Whisky producers from the best‐known whisky‐making regions and many up-and-coming regions competed for their spots in the series, with only the top brands taking gold honours.

Firstwatch, an undeniably rewarding imported whisky, aged and bottled in South Africa, has established itself as one of South Africa’s top three whiskies and is now racking up well-deserved international accolades, standing tall among competing whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Asia, Europe, South America and beyond.

This is not the first accolade in Firstwatch Whisky’s display case. In previous years, the brand has also collected gold medals at IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition) and ISC (International Spirits Competition)

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About Firstwatch Whisky:

Firstwatch Imported Whisky is an award-winning 100% blend of imported rye and cereal grain whiskies. The base whisky in the blend has been matured for at least three years and is exceptionally easy mixing, with a full rye taste.

Firstwatch has an intense golden glowing amber colour, a floral aroma with sweet fruitiness and a rich, complex wooded rye flavour. Perfectly blended to deliver reward in every sip. Firstwatch. First for Reward.