We all know that celebrations often comes at a price – many alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories and added sugars and flavourants – all of which could contribute to weight gain and other long-term health concerns. 


The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice all the hard work you did on that summer body. Here are a handful of low-calorie options to take you through January when you shake off the excess from Christmas indulgences!


Low-calorie RTD: The Skinny Range
The Skinny trio of low-calorie, unashamedly sophisticated alcohol seltzers is aimed at wellness-minded drinkers who – enjoy a ready-mixed drink in a can. The range switches things up with three, 4% alcohol seltzers, each with a twist: The flagship Skinny B – the internationally celebrated mix of premium vodka, lime & soda; the Skinny M – a crisp mix of premium tequila, lime & soda and the Skinny G, a refreshing alternative to a classic G&T, featuring gin, lime & soda. It’s ideal for picnics, long, sunny afternoons and partying into the evening! Enjoy it chilled directly out of the classy can. Available at liquor.co.za and Norman Goodfellows nationwide.

Flavoured vodka: Absolute Watermelon
Vodka has long been the choice of discerning, health-conscious drinkers. However, it often requires mixers to taste. A good option is Absolut’s flavoured range. In line with Absolut’s long history of flavouring vodka using only natural ingredients, Absolut Watermelon is a premium vodka with no added artificial sugars or colourants. Absolut has been flavouring the vodka category since 1986 and has a long-standing heritage creating high-quality products with natural flavours and no added sugars. Absolut Watermelon has a rich and smooth taste profile with the distinct character of watermelon juice, complemented with underlying hints of spiciness that ends up in a creamy and juicy mouthfeel. For a delicious addition to a lazy sunny afternoon at home, just add soda. Mix with low-sugar tonic or cola for the perfect after-work sundowner.


Get clever with your mix
While alcohol itself contains a lot of calories, it is often the mixers that add the most. Ditch those sugary sodas for a few clever alternatives such as sparkling water. With around 133 calories per serving, it’s one of the lowest-calorie mixed drinks you can order. Add a twist of flavour by adding cucumber or muddled mint. Or some lemon or lime juice. If gin is your drink of choice, try substituting the calorie-ridden tonic water with sparkling water, bitters, and a twist of lemon. 


Keep it lite

Beer is often the first thing that has to be sacrificed by those on a keto diet or similar low-carb diet, as it is, essentially ‘liquid carbs.’ There are various very good ‘lite’ options on the market that don’t compromise on taste. These all have fewer carbs than ‘regular’ beers and often contain less alcohol too. By definition, to be labelled as a ‘light,’ the drink needs to have one-third fewer calories than the full-calorie version. Beers are often branded as ‘Lite’ rather than ‘light’ which, as a noun, refers to the light product itself. With only 101cal and  2g net carbs per 330ml bottle, Castle Lite might just be your best choice! 


Go straight – Tequila
According to certain studies, the sugars naturally present in tequila could be beneficial to your health and even aid in weight loss. The researchers in this study also found that agavins produced a hormone called GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) that helps the stomach feel full. Another round of tequila then! But, you don’t have to drink it as shots, on the contrary… While a shot (30ml) of tequila has only 64 calories in total. Most drinkers experience tequila for the first time as a shooter accompanied by salt and lime. While that is great, it is unfortunate that that is a common perception. It is, in fact, a far more noble spirit and (on occasion) should be revered as such. Treat Ocho Extra Añejo as you would a fine single malt and explore the mixability of Reposado and Blanco.
If drinking
tequila straight isn’t for you, you can try mixing in soda, mint, or coconut water to make a low-calorie cocktail.


The Skinny range is available through liquor.co.za and Norman Goodfellows. 


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