Embracing your inner flexitarian doesn’t mean you need a whole new raft of recipes. Future mince is an incredibly versatile meatless mince, which you can use to replace beef mince in all your favourite comfort-food meals without sacrificing flavour or texture.

Mince has to be one of the most versatile ingredients for a speedy mid-week dinner. Tacos, spaghetti Bolognese, curries, pies, meatballs, samosas, there really are 101 ways to ring the changes. What about when you’re talking plant-based eating? Well, all those things that you can do with beef mince, you can also do with plant-based mince. Especially with the new generation of meatless meats that Future Farm has brought to the South African market. Top tip – you can find their range at Checkers nationwide.

Future mince looks and tastes just like beef mince. It’s gluten-free, GMO free and cholesterol-free and has a balanced amino acid protein profile, using soy, pea and chickpea, all natural ingredients which are grown in an environmentally responsible way. The Future Farm brand originates in Brazil, and its founders are emphatic about only using soy that is certified to have been grown responsibly without causing deforestation. An important point for this eco-aware, future-thinking company.


How to cook with plant-based mince

In taste and texture when you’re eating you’d be forgiven for thinking this really is meat, but there is one core difference to cooking with Future mince. The secret is to brown the mince separately before combining with liquid sauces. Simply season your Future mince with whichever herbs and spices that will enhance the dish you’re planning. Heat your usual cooking oil in a non-stick pan and brown the mince. Break it up gently into its strands as it browns. This gives it that typical mince brownness, umami aroma, and texture.

If you’re making, for example, a slow cooked Bolognese sauce the trick is to do the long slow cooking of the tomatoes, onions and herbs first, then add the browned mince to the sauce for the last few minutes of cooking. Just enough time to absorb the flavours, not so long that it loses its bite as it soaks up the liquid.


What people love about Future mince

Since Future Farm launched their product range in South Africa at Checkers in July 2021 it has been enthusiastically welcomed by vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians alike. This is what a few people have said about their experience of Future mince:


“It’s super tasty and makes such a great curry, my kids love it with roti!”

“The texture and taste were excellent, and it cooks quickly so is perfect for a quick meal”

“My husband didn’t even notice that this wasn’t beef mince!”

“It cooks beautifully and browns so nicely, just like meat.”


So, what are you going to cook with your Future mince – Mexican tortillas, spaghetti Bolognese, curry and rotis, lasagne, tacos, samosas, chilli con carne, bunny chow, meatballs? Eating our way towards a more sustainable future is so much easier with this versatile meatless meat range, that you might even go beyond 101 ways of cooking with your Future mince!