The Fry Family Food Co., South Africa’s market leader in plant-based foods, has just launched their first plant-based boerewors, just in time for National Braai Day.

The Fry’s sausage has always been a quintessential part of their product range. In fact, Fry’s Traditional Sausages was the first product that Wally Fry made in the family kitchen nearly 30-years ago. 

“But while the 100% plant-based sausage has been part of our offering for decades, this is the first time we’ve created boerewors,” says Tammy Fry, Director at The Fry Family Food Co. “The team have outdone themselves with this one. Fry’s have really gone beyond the impossible to create a plant-based counterpart to something that is so authentically South African,” she adds.

Tammy explains that the team were very aware when they embarked on the development of the Boerewors that they were going to have to create something remarkable.

“Boerewors on the braai is such an important South African past time, we knew that this new sausage would have to hold its own in the face of some very strong scrutiny. But we were inspired by the extraordinary responses we got for our Big Fry Burger. We also know that many more South Africans are open to exploring plant-based meat alternatives, and that in order to inspire more people, we have to innovate and offer alternatives that make the exploration easier (and just as delicious!).”

The Big Fry Boerewors is the second product in the Big Fry range – the first was the Big Fry Burger launched in March this year. Like the Big Fry Burger, the Boerewors looks, sizzles and tastes just like its meaty counterpart and is just as juicy. It is also very high in protein with a whopping 19G of plant protein per sausage, but it has none of the cholesterol found in meat. Like all Fry’s products, it is non-GM, 100% plant-based and low in saturated fat.

The Big Fry Boerewors has a similar texture to the Big Fry Burger. It’s a lot meatier in flavour and has a mouth-feel of ground beef in a sausage casing. The Big Fry Boerewors is also sold uncooked and has quite different cooking instructions to all Fry’s pre-cooked products. It’s important for consumers to note the cooking instructions which can be found on the back of the packaging.

Tammy adds: “I anticipate that our Big Fry range is going to be revolutionizing braai grills all over South Africa this Braai Day. I hope that we can show South Africans all over the country that it is not impossible to braai without meat!”

The Big Fry Boerewors is being rolled out across the country and can be found in the frozen section of select retailers.  The recommended retail price is R63.99.