Coffee drinkers are unique – whether it is the aficionado, the person who spends time lovingly brewing the perfect cup, or the person who enjoys a quick “cuppa” in the morning. Matthew Dees, brand manager for L’OR and Douwe Egberts says that the one thing we know for sure is that coffee drinkers are always on the lookout for a coffee that tantalises their taste buds with delicious flavour, aroma and strength. “Coffee preference is very personal, and the industry is constantly evolving to provide coffee drinkers with a new experience,” explains Dees. “Trends around strength, flavours, aromas, roasts and the desired sensory experience are all taken into account when creating a new perfect balanced blend.”

For the coffee connoisseur, knowing the difference between the various coffees available can provide more insight into what they are drinking while encouraging them to try new and different blends. For those who never miss their morning cup of coffee, and hardly stray from their favourite brand, knowing a little more about coffee can perhaps push them into becoming more adventurous with their tastes:

Pure Instant coffee comes in two different variations – spray dried and freeze dried. To distinguish which is which, freeze dried is more solid, while spray dried will crumble between your fingertips. Instant coffee is usually the most affordable coffee, however not all instant coffee is made equal. 

Spray dried coffee is created by spraying liquid coffee concentrate as a fine mist into very hot, dry air. Once the coffee is collected on the surface below, the water evaporates leaving small, round coffee crystals.

Producing freeze dried coffee is more involved. The coffee is first cooked down to create an extract and then this extract is chilled into a coffee “slushie”. This mixture is then further chilled on a belt, drum or tray until slabs of coffee ice are formed which is then broken down into granules. From there the granules are placed into a drying vacuum which causes the ice to evaporate, leaving behind instant coffee granules. Douwe Egberts provides a comprehensive range of quality instant pure coffee that uses the freeze dried method of preserving the coffees’ taste. Over the years more and more variants have been added to the Douwe Egberts range, even taking coffee drinkers to the origins of Brazil and Kenya.  

Capsule coffee is made with coffee beans that are roasted and then ground into a uniformed size. Coffee is at its freshest right after the beans have been roasted.  Once the aluminium pods are allotted into their place on the assembly line the pre-ground coffee fills the capsules, and the lid is sealed on top. The aluminium pods ensure that no oxidation takes place, and that the freshness created after roasting is guaranteed. To enjoy coffee capsules, a capsule machine is required, and is the most affordable type of coffee machine available which fits in perfectly with any kitchen.  

A coffee capsule brand such as L’OR knows the importance of keeping the coffee fresh before use. This freshness that is sealed in allows coffee drinkers to experience the taste of the coffee just as it would have when it was first ground. L’OR’s extensive range of coffee variants is proof that more and more coffee drinkers are looking for a variety of coffee capsules to explore. 

Coffee Beans are sold whole, and it is up to the coffee drinker to grind them before making a cup of coffee ensuring that the taste is fresh and complex, as once the beans are ground they start to age (this aging process is stopped with coffee pods due to the aluminium capsule). To enjoy a cup of coffee made from whole beans, a coffee plunger or a specific coffee machine will be required.  

“The world of coffee is very complex as there are many variables that need to be considered when creating the perfect brew,” explains Dees. “No matter what type of coffee you are enjoying, whether it be instant, capsules or beans, there are many different tastes to explore when navigating your way through the world of coffee.”