With the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, it seemed that the future would be brighter, but as you will see in this edition, 2023 has already proved challenging.

It is easy to be negative. Yet South Africans are some of the most resilient people I have ever met. They unfailingly come up with a plan, a joke, or a way around most everything that comes their way. They are also quick to offer a helping hand or share resources where they can. This resilience makes me think it will be possible to get through 2023, just as we endured 2020 and all the other years like it.

In this edition

Our interview this month with Johann Kotze from the South African Pork Producers Association (SAPPO) went a long way to reinforcing that belief. Despite the effects of loadshedding and the myriad of challenges facing the abattoirs and farmers, Kotze exudes a cheerful optimism, and a determination to figure out a way through the chaos facing the pork industry, as it strives to continue to provide economical, healthy products to consumer across all income sectors.

We also chatted to the SA Poultry Association about their woes, and the knock on effect for the consumer.

Our article on agro-informatics is informative and encouraging as it looks how AI based digital tools offer much opportunity to mitigate the current risks and enable more efficient, predictable food production and higher quality raw ingredients.

Also not to be missed in this edition is the article on what to expect on the Legal and Compliance horizon in the year ahead.

We’ve also got a lot of fascinating content in our Packaging and Processing Section, which seems to embody the spirit of innovation. From Omya’s versatile new range of all-natural, clean label fibre powders to new trends in food processing technologies such as the use of electric pulses and freeze-drying; high pressure; ultrasound; and even cold plasma there is more than enough to keep you reading.


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