This month’s calendar has been a full one, with the celebration of World Flour Day and Food Waste Action Week – read more about
those topics on pages 8 and page 14. Off the back of the recent budget speech, we also have some insights and opinions to share from different sectors of industry.

One of the other topical issues that is front and centre in the food industry right now is that of EPR and recycling, with organisations and industry bodies asking if we are getting it right and cautioning against the risk of greenwashing.

Patricia Schröder, spokesperson for the producer responsibility organisation (PRO) Circular Energy, says ensuring that producers are compliant with regulations is not enough to establish an effective EPR system in the country.

“The circular economy needs both producers who are committed to meeting regulations and a system of service providers with the necessary skills and resources to carry out the work on the ground. If all aspects of the system are not in place, EPR can end up facilitating greenwashing by enabling companies to meet regulatory requirements on paper only.”

“Service providers are needed to ensure that waste is collected and then recycled as it should be and that we develop and expand the country’s recycling and waste management capacity. For example, the intention to recycle is void if consumers return used products only for most of the material they contain to ultimately end up in a landfill because the technology or capacity to recycle it is not available,” Schröder says.


In the March Edition

Read the article on Page 27 to find out more on the warning from SABS to manufacturers that wish to claim their plastic packaging is degradable, that they need to ensure their packaging complies with the relevant testing and certification requirements.

Our Packaging and Processing section has some other great reads this month – who knew “wrap rage” was a thing amongst consumers, or that the shape of a bottle could be the source of a trade mark dispute. You can read more about those on pages 18 and 32.

Food contact packaging, the link between product packaging and the energy crisis, and a peek at the DOW Packaging Award winners rounds off this month’s edition. As always, we hope you enjoy the magazine.