Masslift Africa is proud to have been working closely with the Mahon Foundation to create more equal access to education for all. Since 2018, the company has worked closely with the foundation and donated over R250 000 to support education-based initiatives and looks to reiterate its commitment to transformation in the country. Masslift Africa wants to inspire other businesses to do the same as investing in education and the youth of tomorrow is critical for the betterment of the socio-economic conditions faced by most South Africans. It is not about the number of people who are assisted but rather, the long-term impact that education-based initiatives will have on the selected beneficiaries’ lives.

The Mahon Foundation believes in a world where everyone has equal access to education, training and assistance in building a successful career. Its mission is to invest in these goals to empower the next generation of South Africans through educational and training programmes. It also provides financial resources and work opportunities for junior professionals thereafter. To date, the foundation has donated more than R4.5 million to help empower and uplift people in need through scholarships, bursaries and career furthering programmes. Over the years it has empowered over 50 individuals as well as provided donations to several schools and job training programmes.

As a purpose-driven organisation, Masslift Africa is acutely aware of its role in contributing to a more equitable and sustainable society. The company believes that investing in the youth through employment opportunities, constant skills development, and mentorship programmes is not enough to address inequalities and ensure transformation. Companies should assist organisations like the Mahon Foundation who are dedicated to uplifting young people in order to have a bright future for South Africa. Part of Masslift’s core values as a company is to help to upskill and empower the youth of South Africa. 

“We feel that the foundation’s objectives align with our company’s values which is why we are proudly supporting this initiative. What was key for us is that the foundation is completely transparent regarding where donations are spent making the situation a little more personal and real. This also makes us the custodians of the future careers that these individuals will have, and we take it very seriously. Growth is a central pillar of Masslift’s organisational culture and in our opinion, this is the foundation of a bright South Africa. With organisations like the Mahon Foundation driving education, we dream to achieve a better SA of tomorrow,” says Masslift Chief Executive Officer, Marco Caverni.

Through this partnership, the foundation aims at broadening its national footprint and ultimately having bursary holders from every province in the country. The foundation also hopes to strengthen the partnership between themselves and donors, so that the donors become actively involved in the betterment of the beneficiaries’ lives. To that end, the foundation encourages its donors to meet the beneficiaries and interact with them to establish a personal connection and again, promote transparency allowing the donors to see where and on whom their money is being spent.

The only way that things in our country are going to improve long-term is through education. Unfortunately, the current system is failing while the infrastructure is falling apart which makes it key for corporate South Africa to step in and assist in this endeavour. Everyone needs to play their part, no matter how big or small. As Masslift Africa grows, the company aims to continue investing into this critical initiative to make South Africa prosper.