Hunter’s has launched its first new variant in three years, and this time it’s looking to shake up the non-alcoholic cider category with Hunter’s Chilled Non-alcoholic.

“As the biggest cider brand in South Africa, Hunter’s has been delivering on its crisp apple taste since 1988,” says Banele Msimango – Brand Manager (Hunter’s Cider) at Distell. “We have seen the rise in popularity of non-alcoholic ciders, driven by the trend towards moderate drinking and people becoming more health conscious. We decided to develop our own non-alcoholic variant, so Hunter’s fans could get that refreshing gulp whenever, wherever.”

Because the brand wanted to stay true to the distinctive crisp refreshment that Hunter’s Cider offers, they chose a process of dealcoholisation when making Hunter’s Chilled Non-alcoholic. Dealcoholisation reduces the alcohol volume of the product and produces a non-alcoholic cider with the same thirst-quenching taste that people love.

“This is really exciting for our brand and we are thrilled to finally have a non-alcoholic variant in our range. It offers more opportunities for Hunter’s fans to drink their favourite cider and we hope it will also help us to find new Hunter’s fans who only drink non-alcoholic drinks. Hunter’s has always supported responsible drinking and is committed to achieving’s aim of educating and enabling a culture of moderation and responsible alcohol consumption,” Msimango concludes.