For those dark chocolate lovers, Lindt has something extra special for you! Lindt has recently launched two new Creation slabs, with the most indulgent ingredients enrobed in extra fine 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate. Perfect for these cold winter nights. 

The Lindt Creation Crème Brûlée 70% Dark Chocolate slab is based on one of the most classic and deliciously creamy desserts. A combination of extra fine 70% Cocoa dark chocolate with caramelised pieces of sugar and a smooth milk and crisp biscuit centre.  

The Lindt Creation Crispy Wafer 70% Dark Chocolate slab includes crispy wafer pieces embedded in almond & hazelnut praline and enrobed in extra fine 70% Cocoa dark chocolate.  

Lindt Creation is renowned for luxurious indulgence. Each chocolate creation is filled with exquisite ingredients enrobed in the finest Lindt chocolate, ensuring every bite unleashes a generous symphony of tastes and textures proudly crafted by the passion of the Lindt Swiss Master Chocolatiers.  

Both new indulgent, 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Lindt Creation slabs are available exclusively at Woolworths and Lindt Chocolate Boutiques nationwide.