Wrapping up the year…

The end of the year always seems to come fast, no matter how prepared we are, and this year is certainly no exception.  While the calendar may be ending for 2022, FoodBev business activities are certainly not. 

I was really encouraged to hear the news that Famous Brands has fully transitioned to the use of cage free eggs.  It is encouraging to see corporates and large chains make animal welfare commitments like this. It is a trend which is rising in rank on the global agenda and needs to be considered here in South Africa.

Another trend that is only growing in pace, is the move towards plant-based foods. According to Innova’s 2023 trends report two-thirds of their survey respondents indicated that they want to try plant-based versions of traditional, local cuisines.

The Innova Market Insights report has also ranked “Redefining Value” as its top FoodBev trend for 2023. Consumers are ever more conscious of costs due to the economic crisis facing most of the globe, which means manufacturers and brands need to ensure they are affordable or adding specific value. Despite wanting affordable food, consumers are also looking for brands which focus on sustainability, global responsibility, and brands values that the consumer can align with. Not a big ask, right? (because nutritional wellness is still a consumer demand too). 

This is where innovation plays a key role for businesses, which need to satisfy customers, manage supply chain issues and risks and optimize costs and processes, all while prioritizing food safety. Discover more on how innovation is helping with some of these challenges.

One of the FoodBev trends which I found the most encouraging was that they said consumers want transparency, and they are okay with a brand being imperfect, so long as they own it. This means brands get to be authentic about their challenges, and their journey, and invite the consumers along with them. Sounds like a win-win to me.