Rhino Whisky, a new easy drinking single malt, was born under a setting African sun by two friends debating the Rhino Poaching crisis. As the campfire crackled, an idea was sparked to create a whisky that would not only highlight the plight of the rhino, but also give back to rhino conservation.

Distilled and double cask matured in the Speyside region of Scotland in rum casks, Rhino is a premium scotch. It’s founders, Gerrit Wagener and Brin Kushner, worked with one of the oldest whisky producers in North-eastern Scotland to produce a whisky with premium stature but easy-drinking enough to be enjoyed every day.

Wagener, a whisky purist at heart, explains: “We set out to create a quality whisky that would appeal to someone with an experienced whisky palate and an appreciation for a superior product, as well as someone who is honing these tasting skills and at the beginning of their whisky journey. Rhino’s rum cask matured flavour is often described as biscuity, and as a non-aged statement whisky, it sits in a unique whisky category.” 

he whisky has a rich malty aroma with biscuity sweetness and fresh fruit notes offering a delicate leafy character which is balanced with vanilla. Upon sipping Rhino, the taste can be described as sweet and rounded with a vanilla oakness, and the malty character carries through into the taste with subtle notes of caramelized fruits, with a mellow and long lasting aftertaste. 

Kushner is a qualified ranger/ nature guide who splits his time between working in the film industry and escaping to the bush to photograph wildlife and immersing himself in conservation projects. “It was important for Gerrit and I to create something with a purpose too. So 20% of Rhino Whisky profits is pledged to the rehabilitation of baby rhinos orphaned due to their mothers being killed for their horns. We have partnered with the Rhino Orphanage, a non-profit organisation based in Limpopo, the world’s first rhino orphanage.”

The orphanage was created as the result of a lack of a specialised place for rearing baby rhinos who have been orphaned and is a specialist, dedicated, non-commercial centre that cares for orphaned and injured baby rhinos with the only aim of releasing them back into the wild. 

Rhino Whisky (Alc. 43% Single Malt Scotch Whisky) has a recommended retail price of R 590.00 and is available online via Takealot and Whisky Brother & Co in South Africa and at a few select retailers.