The South African Breweries (SAB) was the first in the local beer industry to launch a podcast this week. The ‘More Cheers’ podcast – with the tagline, ‘making beer, brewing change’ will focus on insightful conversations and industry chatter. Part motivational, part inspiration – it is designed as an easy storytelling platform for a diverse group of talented personalities.

More than the beer

SAB Corporate Brand Director, Sphe Vundla, says, “Our goal is that the More Cheers narrative will contribute positively to our brand purpose.  In this series, we take a deep dive into our brands, our people and our partners; as well as an in-depth look at how SAB continues to demonstrate the unique power of beer to propel South Africa forward towards a #FutureWithMoreCheers.”

The podcast will unpack the journey from seed to sip and the recurring theme will be the impact of the beer sector on our nation. It will also zero in on SAB’s Sharp programme that focuses on responsible drinking. There is also an episode on the ever-important ​topic of ESG, then to add some flavour, it will include some of the entrepreneurs who make up the breweries value chain.

Building a beer community

As part of the podcast, the audience will be immersed into the different SAB brands and get an insight into the world of beer making. Vundla explains, “We want to share how the full flavour of our different beers all deserve their own individual sommelier treatment, all while helping fans of beer to appreciate its economic impact.”

While not a new marketing tactic, podcasts are seen as a dynamic tool that  can create value for the audience. The SAB platform will offer connection for those listening, and an opportunity to learn more about their beer heroes, and hopefully leave inspired.

From London to local

The guest on the first episode of More Cheers is CEO of SAB, Richard Rivett-Carnac who shares his journey from humble beginnings in his Eastern Cape home town, to landing a career as a corporate banker in London. Now, head of the brewery, Rivett-Carnac shares personal anecdotes,  why Carling Black Label is his beer of choice, and more importantly, his vision for empowering people in the organisation. 

“Our CEO’s episode is an exciting one, and while it was a risk to launch with a zero listener base, we believe that as people start to enjoy the podcasts they will go back and listen to the earlier episodes,” explains Vundla.

Audio excellence

The podcast – while expecting to reach a multifaceted audience base, is hoped to create value for the listeners. “This is best-suited for those people who enjoy informative and educational audio sessions. While profiling the diverse faces of the beer brand leaders, we hope to land inspirational messages with our audience,” says Vundla.

The episodes unpack topics that will help South Africans to see beer differently. “It’s an always-on platform that speaks to our purpose and looks at our contribution to the country,” says Vundla. 

More Cheers will provide a steady supply of high quality content by collaborating with others whose expertise is telling a good story. To listen to the first podcast and to subscribe for the series. To follow the podcast series please access it through this link