WineKeg Offers an Innovative, Sustainable Way to Distribute Served-By-The-Glass Wine That Retains Quality and Freshness

WineKeg joins OneCircle’s KeyKeg-reseller network to support the burgeoning South African wine industry. From its Cape Town location, WineKeg will distribute KeyKeg to wine producers nationwide who need wine Kegs that lock in consistent freshness, maintain high-quality flavour and maximise shelf life for consumers all over the world.

WineKeg launched in 2015 to offer a superior wine-on-tap solution for hospitality businesses that were disappointed with the quality of wine dispensed from wine-in-box packaging or traditional Kegs. With KeyKeg, WineKeg now taps into the growing local and international demand for high-quality South African wines, served fresh by the glass. KeyKeg’s laminated, airtight, light-resistant inner bag keeps wine and dispense gas separate, reducing oxidation and CO2 saturation.

Game lodges, resorts, hotels, restaurants, high-end tour operators and an increasing number of home consumers in the region also favour a sustainable wine-on-tap concept. Each 20 L KeyKeg replaces almost 27 bottles of wine, meaning 16 kg less glass waste. KeyKeg also reduces bottled wine’s storage footprint by over 50%, and empty wine Kegs can be crushed to further save precious space.

KeyKeg is designed for circularity, meaning that, once empty, the actual raw materials used to produce new KeyKegs can be recovered. OneCircle’s ambitious sustainability goals include assembling an international network of Return Partners to offer either collections or drop-off points for empty KeyKegs. As more customers return empty KeyKegs to OneCircle, the amount of circular content in each new KeyKeg will steadily increase.

WineKeg is pleased to consolidate its relationship with OneCircle, the manufacturer of KeyKeg. Our mission is to provide end-to-end KeyKeg solutions that link South African wine makers to consumers across the supply chain. As early adopters of KeyKeg in South Africa, WineKeg established a solid track record in importing, supplying and filling KeyKegs with fine South African wines for both the local and international markets.

Mark Caldwell, Marketing Manager, WineKeg

The WineKeg team have a solid understanding of KeyKeg and extensive technical experience. They educate customers about the benefits of using KeyKeg for their wines, as well as providing advice and hands-on support. WineKeg also offers a full range of supplementary services, such as KeyKeg filling, logistics, warehousing, distribution and shipping — they already successfully export South African wine in KeyKeg to neighbouring African countries, China and the Republic of Korea.