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Once again, we bring you a smorgasbord of relevant food industry articles and insights. 

It’s World Water Week 2023 this month – and this year the focus is on innovation at a time of unprecedented challenges. The theme, Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World, invites us to reconsider how water is managed, and urges us to seek ideas, innovations, and governance systems that can make a difference in an increasingly unstable and water-scarce world.

Attendance at the World Water Week Conference is in Stockholm, but also wonderfully, it is FREE TO ATTEND ONLINE! 

A report on the non-sugar sweetener aspartame was recently released by the IARC, WHO, and JECFA – in response we bring you some opinions on this from industry experts, Nigel Sunley and Priya Seetal.

We also feature some Waste Solutions – a key topic in the food industry right now, as the industry seeks to manage its processes more efficiently.

Logistics and Distribution is another topic you can explore in this issue – we look at supply chain process efficiency, as well as the impact of AI and IoT technology in the context of the supply chain. 

Innovations in the Dairy Sector make for interesting reading, as we see how demand is driving change in this sector. Closely linked to this are Functional Ingredients, as consumer demands are resulting in consistent innovation in this area. Make sure to register for Africa’s second Organic and Natural Products Expo coming in September too.

In our Packaging & Processing Section

Our Packaging and Processing section brings you practical insights on Marking Technology, Barrier Technology, great innovations in FoodBev Machinery and Equipment.  

Exciting news, Poisoned it out on Netflix – have you seen it? Never mind Barbie and Oppenheimer, this is a big deal for the food industry, and we recommend you press play! Watch here


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