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Innovation rules the food and beverage industry, but there is still place for familiar favourites 

The food and beverage industry is a hotbed of innovation, constantly pushing the bar when it comes to novel ingredients, products that offer functionality, colours and flavours that inspire and delight, and processing tech that promises a better manufacturing experience, with great products as an end result.  

In this edition of Food & Beverage Reporter, we unpack some of the latest trends and innovations that we believe will shape the sector in 2024. Look out for Kerry’s 2024 Taste Charts that is the culmination of a year’s research in a series of incisive, interactive charts created seperately  for 13 individual regional markets, including Africa that will inspire product and menu developers around the world! Turn to page 10 for the full story. 

When it comes to discovering what consumers want, we have you covered. While new research shows that the effects of high food price inflation and the need to cut back is still real, traditional and well-loved ingredients, nature friendly claims and gut health positioning will increase to drive higher spending, and informed consumer purchases. Our article on page 14 offers some great insights into the 10 top food trends for the year ahead, including how protein will drive product development, with mushroom an important ingredient, growing by 12% year on year between 2018 and 2023. Don’t miss it! 

In this edition we also pay homage to the incredible women leading and inspiring their teams while unlocking solutions to the many challenges facing the industry. Our Women in Science & Leadership feature (page 26) is an inspiring read, and testament to the power that women can bring to the industry. 

We leave you with great articles in our packaging section. On page 38 we dive deep into the world of adhesives, those indispensable heroes that ensure the integrity, safety and presentation of food products, and focus on the stellar work of ERP’s in shifting the focus from post-consumer waste management to proactively involving producers in the entire product life cycle. Turn to page 41 for more insights. 

We hope you enjoy this edition of Food & Beverage Reporter and as always, please share your news and wins with us! 


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