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The food and beverage industry in South Africa is worth getting excited about!

Did you know that our beverage industry is expected to grow from $18.27 billion in 2023 to $23.34 billion by 2028 while the food sector is expected to clock in at $29.08bn – with an estimated CAGR of 7.30% to 2028?

This stellar growth is set to be fuelled by various factors, including changing consumer lifestyles and preferences. With busy schedules and increasing demand for convenience dictating demand, we can expect to continue to see consumers opting for quick and on-the-go food and beverage options, but with healthier ingredients and processing to keep the optimal nutritional content of products in check.

While South Africa is still experiencing many difficulties, this is true for the global economy. Economic uncertainty lingers, resulting in many consumers rethinking budgets and discretionary spending – but  the food, beverage and packaging sectors remain resilient as suppliers and manufacturers face challenges head on.  

In the October edition, we tackle some tough topics facing the industry right now, including pathogen management strategies. We take a look at how the food industry can effectively control Listeria during manufacturing, catering and retail environments. Turn to page 16 for more information and to find out what Anatech, Merck and Microsep can offer you in dealing with these challenges.

Until quite recently, cybersecurity  struggled to earn a seat around the boardroom table. Today, decision makers have shifted their focus to risk mitigation strategies with substantial investment in cybersecurity and in the development of robust policies to shield organisations from sophisticated threats. In this article, security risk management leader, Carel Krogh (page 24), discussed how to stay ahead in a dynamic threat landscape.

Moving to our packaging section, we unpack some game-changing tech that not only increases food processing efficiency and safety, but can contribute to fantastic flavours, textures and nutritional profiles. Using heat, electricity, pressure and vacuum these technologies can preserve food, make it safer while improving the taste – turn to page 41 now for more information.

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