At the baker’s, butcher’s, in the supermarket or at the restaurant – every day, consumers need to be able to rely on the fact that the food on offer is fresh and of impeccable quality. In order to guarantee this and comply with the statutory hygiene standards, perishable goods in particular, such as fruit, vegetables, fish and dairy products, need to be stored and processed under constantly flawless climatic conditions. However, the time, costs and work involved in long-term, reliable monitoring of critical parameters such as temperature and humidity is often disproportionate to the anticipated benefits.

With the testo Saveris 2 cloud-based measurement data monitoring system, Testo has taken a new approach to monitoring temperature and humidity and significantly simplified the automated collection, storage and analysis of measurement data. The WiFi data loggers installed at all relevant refrigeration points can be read out via WLAN, so the data is accessible anywhere and at any time via the Saveris Cloud.

Alerts are sent out automatically if limit values are violated. You can therefore monitor all the relevant ambient conditions in cold and deep-freeze storage areas, refrigerated cabinets and in food transport – really easily, at any time and anywhere.


In the food trade and in the catering trade, there are numerous places where food quality needs to be ensured. The greatest threat is that of contamination by dangerous germs. Whether we’re talking about salmonella, listeria or Escherichia coli – all pathogenic microorganisms spread extremely fast and can have serious health implications for consumers.
To eliminate the risk factors, food business operators must follow a HACCP concept; in particular, the temperature must be constantly maintained between defined upper and lower temperature limit values, for example below –18 °C for frozen products or between +4 and +8 °C for dairy products. This is easier said than done, because in the hustle and bustle of sales and service, it’s easy for something to get overlooked. Manual temperature checks are prone to error and do not offer continuous safety. The consequences can be fatal: it’s not only compliance with the legal regulations and guidelines that is at stake, but also customer confidence. Even if errors do not occur, the everyday quality assurance, including documentation, takes a lot of time and ties up personnel.


Progressive digitization and automation opens up completely new possibilities for monitoring temperature in the food sector. Manual read-out of data loggers is now a thing of the past: with the testo Saveris 2 cloud-based measurement data monitoring system, the monitoring is carried out completely automatically. The temperature readings (humidity too, if required) are transmitted to the Saveris Cloud via WLAN within a defined interval of time, where they are stored safely and permanently. From there, they can be retrieved from anywhere and at any time via a standard web browser – on an office PC or a smartphone while out and about. Installation of specific software is not required, because with testo Saveris 2 the measurement data is simply accessed via the web browser. Therefore all data is available anywhere and at any time, on any terminal device – PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone. Clear presentations and analysis options simplify the monitoring
and documentation. Even in the event of limit value violations, safety is always guaranteed: testo Saveris 2
alerts those in charge via e-mail or SMS, so that they can respond immediately in case of emergency. You therefore
save time and money, and at the same time increase safety, because “human error” can be reliably excluded.


  • Automated, reliable temperature monitoring
  • Measurement data accessible from anywhere and at any time, even using a smartphone or tablet while on the move
  • Save time and money with automated read-out of data loggers
  • Scalable with other data loggers as required
  • Automatic alerts in the event of limit value violations or malfunctions
  • Very high security, because the data is stored in the cloud and in the data logger


For more information on the testo Saveris 2 WiFi data loggers and the testo Saveris Cloud and their possible applications in the food trade and the catering trade, please contact Warren Vogel on 082 324 6891 or