Manufactured by award-winning Woodlands Dairy, First Choice Power Cup has taken their long-life dairy snack to new heights with the launch of two new fun flavours, Vanilla Custard, and Mixed Fruit.

Developed as a healthy on-the-go snack for both adults and kids, Power Cup was Initially launched in five flavour variants including Strawberry, Strawberry & Banana, Granadilla, Cream Soda and Coconut, Says Van Nieuwenhuizen, Brand Manager at Woodlands Dairy and First Choice: “We’re thrilled that Power Cup has established itself in the dairy snack category and we want to maintain our momentum by extending our range and staying ahead of the pack. Vanilla Custard and Mixed Fruit have been added to the range to cater to emerging taste trends. Custard has always been a firm favourite amongst South Africans, creating nostalgic memories of fun family times. Mixed Fruit has grown in popularity in the yoghurt category and adds a tasty alternative.”

The product has seen excellent uptake in the market, showing uninterrupted growth. “We’ve seen continuous volume growth month-on-month and we’re positive that this trend will continue. The product is healthy, filling, and now available in an even bigger variety of enticing flavours. It can be enjoyed at room temperature, chilled or frozen, and the unopened product can be stored for up to six months. It’s ideal for African conditions where refrigeration is not always available and perfect to enjoy at home, on-the-go, in your kids’ lunch boxes, and when on holiday or camping,” Van Nieuwenhuizen explains.

According to Marisa Maccaferri, Marketing Executive for Woodlands Dairy and First Choice, consumer sentiment around healthy eating has been on the rise globally in recent years as they become more aware of the health benefits of certain foods and the risks associated with unhealthy diets. “The emergence of ambient dairy snacks such as Power Cup is driven partly by consumers’ understanding and valuing of the nutritive benefits of dairy, but also by the fact that they may have constraints such as access to refrigeration and issues of power outages which disrupt the cold chain, affecting the integrity of products. First Choice Power Cup fills a real need in the market, especially in Africa, and provides a healthy alternative and fun dairy snack to all age groups everywhere.”

Power Cup is now available in seven flavours including Custard, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, Strawberry and Banana, Granadilla, Cream Soda, and Coconut. Priced competitively and locally manufactured, it is available in 150g recyclable cups at PnP stores nationally, Checkers (EC and WC), SPAR Stores (EC and WC), Econo Foods and OK stores nationally as well as in the First Choice Dairy Shops and online at

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