Lovers of the iconic Nesquik milk powder will be disappointed to learn that the product will no longer be available in South African supermarkets, as Nestlé South Africa has announced that they are discontinuing their Nesquik chocolate and strawberry powders (250g and 500g) from 21 August 2023.

Nestle cites a drop in sales and lower demand for the product as the reason for removing the product from the market.  

“Nesquik will no longer be produced in South Africa and thus discontinued. Nestlé understands that this may disappoint some consumers,” the company said. 

Nestlé said it would continue producing its Milo, Hot Chocolate and Cocoa drinks. “These brands have shown remarkable performance and consumer loyalty, making them the focus of Nestlé’s efforts to build a healthier and sustainable business for the future,” it said.  

Takudzwa Mupfurutsa, Business Executive Officer: Dairy, Nestlé East and Southern Africa said: “Delighting consumers is at the core of Nestlé’s mission, and we are excited to announce our strategic decision to focus on our key brands.

“We remain committed to bringing innovation to the Cocoa Malt Beverages category, and we are eager to improve and introduce new products that will be hitting the shelves soon.

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our consumers for their unwavering support throughout the years,” said Mupfurutsa.