Royco, a South African heritage brand that continues to be loved and enjoyed by many South Africans for over 70 years, has taken the best of home cooking and packaged it in a way that allows you to prepare delicious meals conveniently and quickly. Royco recognises that sitting down to enjoy a meal together is one of the healthiest habits a family can have. Family therapist Anne Fishel, executive director of the Family Dinner Project, reported that those who prioritise family dinners are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. That is why Royco has committed to taking the hard work out of cooking so that you can spend more time with your loved ones.

As part of the journey to encourage people to enjoy meals together, Royco has joined forces with Virtual Kitchen Collab (VKC). Together they have reimagined the way in which Royco reaches families at home, with an innovative frozen meal that will make preparing family meals a whole lot easier. With a bespoke Fully-Loaded Royco Potato Bake, VKC have brought Royco’s range of Marinades and Potato Bakes to life by showcasing their perfect fit when it comes to making delicious, memorable summertime meals.

Virtual Kitchen Collab, powered by We are Food, has nine years of high-quality frozen product development, production and distribution experience. Driven to create meal solutions which ignite nostalgia and deliver excellence with every bite, they are focused on solutions for the modern in-home dining experience.  

“We’re passionate storytellers,” says Jane Bisset, Founder and Head Chef at We are Food, “powered by a love for food which runs through our veins and a wealth of experience and knowledge passed down through generations of hearty cooking and massive family feasts. Our obsession with feeding our loved ones and our dear customers, now overflows into our determination to help brands find that intimacy of feeding consumers something nostalgic, wholesome and thoughtful, in the comfort of their home.”

“In a world that is time starved, this unique partnership has been born to inspire families to create authentic moments of connection, whether around the braai, a picnic or a dinner under the stars,” concludes Vickey Kahn, Food Portfolio Manager at Mars, “and we at Royco believe we’ve found the right partners in VKC to get this very important job done.”

Here are a few of the Royco inspired recipes developed for this campaign. Visit the Royco website #ReconnectWithRoyco – Royco® to see these and more. Products can be purchased from major retailers nationwide: