A novel solution to making healthier food options accessible to employees is now available, thanks to food industry disrupter SmartFoods’ two newly launched offerings – ‘Smart Food-Stop’ and ‘Cloud Kitchen’ – which provide employees with easy access to fast good food that will improve employee health and satisfaction, while enabling companies to unlock the benefits of a healthy, productive workforce. 

“SmartFoods’ satellite feel-good food solutions and tech-driven convenience is the ideal way to provide healthy, affordable and tasty meals from our diverse range of food brands, delivered in convenient ‘Grab-n-Go’ formats right to your office,” explains CEO Callan Williamson from SmartFoods.

A free ‘Smart Food-Stop’ collection point in an office facilitates delivery from a unique ordering platform with company branding. Through the ‘Cloud Kitchen’ option, a company’s cafeteria is fully managed by SmartFoods team, eliminating capital outlay for setup and offering a discounted costing structure.

“SmartFoods satellite solutions promote healthy eating habits in the workplace to improve staff wellbeing and productivity. Seamless online ordering, with deliveries straight to your offices, offers convenience, and a 20-30% reduction in commission and delivery fees ensures affordability,” adds Callan. “These solutions can also be used to incentivise and reward staff members. A company might even want to contribute to the cost of healthy meals conveniently available at work!”

To find out more visit smartfoods.co.zaor email hey@smartfoods.co.za.