In the beverage processing industry, PET bottles are the de facto choice for most manufacturers and brands. These products are extremely practical, lightweight and virtually unbreakable. In this feature we look at some of the major suppliers of extruding technology, and the strides that are being made in the sector to make these bottles even more lightweight with a bigger recyclable content. In addition we will focus on technical considerations during the manufacture of PET bottles, including the energy required, the CO2 win during transportation and the impact that recycling is having on the industry.


The dairy industry in continually evolving, as we see a strong emphasis on health-focused functionalities, in particular the addition of high quality pro-and prebiotics, proteins and vitamins  – allowing dairy products to serve as versatile ‘assets’ to deliver a wide range of benefits. In addition, activity around energy efficiency by modifying process operations is increasing while the installation
of new technology to enable greater water savings is making waves!  Share your news and technology innovations with usand share in the transformation of the sector.


When dealing with prime ingredients such as seafood, it is essential to optimise every part of this fantastic protein and healthy fat source. This makes value adding solutions a key priority for processors and brands. In this feature, we will unpack some of the biggest and best value adding solutions for the seafood sector; not only coatings, breadings and batters and filler ingredients that can add to the shelf life of a product but portioning and frying technology that keep these products fresh, healthy and tasty!.


Even though umami was discovered a 100 years ago, it is still making waves in the food industry. Known as the 5th taste, umami is a combination of sweet, sour, salty and bitter. In terms of flavour it is in a league of its own and very popular with consumers. Do you supply this unique flavour to the food and beverage industry? Why should brands and manufacturers choose your product above that of a competitor?

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In modern food processing plants, conveying foods has evolved into a finely tuned process that prioritises efficiency, hygiene and safety. As the food industry continues to embrace innovation, one of the biggest challenges remains efficient cleaning and maintenance of conveying systems in addition to reduced energy consumption and limiting volume loss and cross contamination. If you supply conveying systems to the food industry, why should manufacturers consider your product? Our feature offers you the opportunity of chatting directly to major decision makers in the food industry so don’t miss out!



Are you passionate about pushing the boundaries of Food Packaging Technologies and Trends?

Adopting innovative packaging technologies, such as time-temperature indicators, active and intelligent packaging, and modified atmosphere packaging, has significantly improved food quality and safety, minimized food waste, and extended product shelf life.

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The global glass packaging market was valued at USD 62.88 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 82.99 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 4.73% during the forecast period. Glass packaging has demonstrated its adaptability across industries, finding applications in pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics, and specialty foods. Its global acceptance and trusted reputation make it an attractive choice for companies seeking to expand their market reach on an international scale. Over the years, innovations in glass manufacturing techniques have led to significant improvements in strength and weight reduction, addressing concerns about transportation costs and breakage and propelling the glass packaging market growth. We look at the trends in South Africa and their impact on the industry.

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The packaging industry can significantly contribute to Africa’s sustainable energy transition amid climate change.

The packaging sector is being reshaped by increasing corporate and consumer consciousness of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues around packaging. Those who get ahead of the curve may find new opportunities.

We find out how brands increasingly use packaging to address ESG concernsand communicate with consumers.

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