With food safety and recalls hitting newspaper headlines, what can you do to keep your fresh produce microbiologically safe and pathogen-free at pre- and post-harvest stages? If you supply ozone systems, industrial washing, UV systems, technology, or consumables that can reduce these risks, we would like to highlight your company and product in this feature.


With our fish and aquaculture resources under pressure, we need systems that can offset waste and optimise the production of seafoods. We investigate the latest conveying and flash-freezing systems for these delicate foodstuffs, and value-adding ingredients and technology including coating equipment, fillers, and binders for seafood processing market.. 


Handwashing remains one of the simplest, yet effective measures to avoid cross-contamination. We unpack what constitutes effective hand hygiene, look at the very latest soaps and sanitising solutions, and ask the experts how you should design your various processing stages with hand hygiene in mind.


South Africa has a unique culinary heritage – with 11 official languages how could we not?
In this edition, we bring you the backstory to some of our best known local foods and look at how ingredient innovation keeps pushing the bar when it comes to new product development for local tastes.


14 October is World Standards Day, and standards play a vital role in the food industry. Foodborne diseases affect 1 in 10 people worldwide each year, and food standards help to ensure what we eat is safe.  If you have insights on the latest in standards development and auditing trends, reach out to us now to be included in the upcoming edition.


Data and digitalisation cantransform your business, providing greater transparency in the supply chain, improving efficiency,reducing costs and positively impacting the overall customer experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your knowledge with our readers in the food, beverage, packaging, and processing sectors!


October puts cybersecurity squarely in the spotlight – as we ask the question: How safe is your operation? Historically, food and beverage manufacturers have a broad mix of different technologies in place, ranging from the latest to legacy systems that could put your operation at risk. If you supply solutions to this sector, we would like to hear from you!


Today’s food and beverage labels offer much more than just information about product ingredients, from customised visually appealing representations of the brand to biodegradable packaging components. Labelling machine manufacturers need to consider both existing and future trends and requirements to meet the demands of the packaging solutions market. 


Robotic automation solutions abound in the food and beverage industry, and include automated picking solutions, machine perception, and artificial intelligence (AI). Such transformational robotic automation solutions can enable machine builders to solve the hardest piece-picking problems facing food and beverage processing manufacturers, thus improving efficiency.


Breakthrough technologies have not only improved efficiency and safety in food production but have also introduced novel flavours, textures, and nutritional profiles that were once unimaginable. These breakthrough technologies include spirajoule processing (using an electrically heated auger plus steam to treat spices, herbs, nuts, grains, etc), microwave-assisted thermal sterilisation, radiant energy vacuum processing, high-pressure processing, and pulsed electric field processing.


Energy conservation efficiency improvement and waste heat recovery in the food industry have been a focus to increase the sustainability of food processing in the past decades. The replacement of conventional energy-intensive food processes with novel technologies such as novel thermodynamic cycles and non-thermal and novel heating processes provides another potential to reduce energy consumption, reduce production costs, and improve the sustainability of food production. 

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