Founded in 1892 South African household staple Hendler & Hart is synonymous with a broad range of aluminium and stainless steel heritage brands namely Hart, Aloe, CaterPride, Impala, and Pointerware

Amidst the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the last two years have been unsettling for many South African consumers to say the least. Yet, as it celebrates its milestone 130th Birthday, kitchenware specialist Hendler & Hart has remained steadfast as one of South Africa’s most beloved heritage brands and reinforced the fact that home is where the ‘hart’ is, most recently with the introduction of a limited Birthday Edition 4-piece set.

Hendler & Hart CEO Nash Soni says; “In light of the incredible financial stresses and strains of the last two years, coupled with rising petrol prices and inflation, consumers are still trying to make their way through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in touch and in tune with them and have realised that we need to adapt to challenging times. The launch of our more streamlined 130 Year Anniversary cookware offerings is answering the call for competitively priced, value for money kitchenware in response to consumers’ unprecedented wallet squeeze,” Soni explains.

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An old favourite returns

Hendler & Hart has also relaunched its highly popular Aloe range of kitchenware thanks to the acquisition of new manufacturing equipment which has allowed for a resumption in production of the range that will be available for purchase from the third quarter of 2022. This falls in line with the company’s commitment to be a Proudly South African manufacturer making a positive contribution to South Africa’s GDP growth.

Rewarding customers through song

In terms of external engagement, the company is also upping its commitment to its customers with the launch of a host of customer-centric activities during 2022. These include a Kitchen Karaoke Competition that will feature on select radio stations and will see listeners singing along to the newly released Hendler & Hart ‘Kitchen Karaoke’ jingle, with the best singers standing in line to win fantastic prizes.

Committed to community

Reinforcing the idea that people are the heartbeat of every home, Hendler & Hart is sponsoring a recreational park in Benoni. This will provide a place for the community to come together and will include a soccer ground, outdoor gym equipment, kids jungle gym and a braai area. Soni explains; “Our reason for creating this space is to support a community in need; a community filled with children and families. We are paying it forward in a small way with the development of the park and hope that it brings joy and entertainment to the families of today and for the generations to come.”

Looking ahead, 2022 certainly seems to be the year of Hendler & Hart reconnecting with its customers and other exciting initiatives planned for later this year include a graffiti artist initiative designed to beautify communities across the country and a soccer tournament that will launch in the near future.

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