As South Africa looks forward to returning to a sense of normality after spending monthstrying to come to terms with Covid-19 and our new normal we all feel a desperate need forhealing and human connection. It is a time where we need leaders to take a stand and bringthe country together focusing us on a common purpose.

Albany has always been committed to two things, the quality of its product and its service toSouth Africa. Our commitment to making a difference in the lives of every South African iswhat keeps us motivated and drives our focus.

Driving change

There is not a single South African that has not been impacted by Covid-19 in some way. In aworld that seems destined to pull us apart, coming together seems more important thanever.  

Diversity, belonging, and inclusion are critical to building up our sense of community andour youth who face many unique challenges some that may differ based on culture.

Albany believes in encouraging the mutual bonds that make people feel accepted and weare committed to playing an active role in the healing process our country needs. The mediahas always played a powerful role in achieving this and Albany has, over the years, launcheda number of media campaigns which reinforce our social commitment to South Africa.

Sharing the love

Albany wants to bring South Africans closer together, one slice and one act at a time.

“We live in a world that sometimes feels like we are no longer part of the human family asa community. Yet, we all yearn to belong, it is part of being human. However, building thissense of belonging requires active effort and practice. So, we invite you to join us on thismission of love in action; together, we can bring our communities a little closer together,”says Lorraine de Graaff, Marketing Director at Albany.

To achieve this, Albany has launched The Albany Love Project, a social campaign that aims tobreak the barriers between us, reducing feelings of exclusion and showing people theimpact of love in action.

While bringing people together needs be done in a socially responsible way, respectingGovernments Covid-19 protocols regarding social distancing, it is vitally important rightnow. 

“There is a purpose to the change we want to bring,” says De Graaff, “we want to movefrom the current paradigm in which people feel trapped and are experiencing deeperhuman tensions towards a world where people can embrace a new sense of shared identity,enabling them to contribute meaningfully towards society.”

Festive cheer

The Festive Season is a time where we can put aside our differences and celebrate not onlyour uniqueness, but what brings us together. It is about spending time with family andfriends who become family, relationships that build character rather than cause division.

“As part of The Albany Love Project, we have recently launched our television advert whichspeaks to the purpose of the project. It shows that there is a commonality in the tablewhere many South Africans sit to share a meal,”says De Graaff.

The important message of the advert is: this is the table of us, it is where we gather andshare, eat and connect. It is the table of our culture, our communities, our bonds. At a timewhen we need healing, let us bring our aunties and our gogos to meet your boetas and yourbabas. Let us all bring something and share it, our gees, hope and traditions. Everyonebrings something to the table; you can bring yours and we will bring ours. Together is wherewe belong.

“This advert is merely the first part of  The Albany Love Project. Albany  intends to helpfacilitate connections into the future  through extensive  community outreach programmes. Moreinformation about this will be discussed in the future,”says De Graaff.

What does Albany bring to the table?

Albany has been bringing South Africans together for over 50 years always providing freshquality products to consumers. It is the shared memories that Albany creates that inspiresthe company to be committed to the promise that it makes to South Africans.

“We genuinely believe that we have a superior product and that our commitment to thepublic is what will keep us focused on delivering on this promise. We also feel that we canmake a change in society. There are a lot of people calling for change but are scared to puttheir hands up and put their words into action. In a world that is need of kindness, love andunity, Albany wants to show people that they can embrace their differences and findcommon ground to unify this country at a time when it is desperately needed,” says DeGraaff.

Albany – Feel the love, feel the freshness.