Finally, the days are getting longer, warmer and cicadas are filling the early evening air with their song. Time to start winding down and looking forward to a long-awaited summer spent with friends and family. Weekends are rich with opportunity and a long break over the festive season is within reach, during which Amarula is the perfect companion for a little carefree indulgence to brighten every day.

Since its introduction in 1983, Amarula has been a unique offering made from the distinctive marula fruit, which offers a balanced, easy-drinking and savoured option for many different occasions. Each bottle holds a piece of Africa and is made from only local ingredients, handpicked and hand-crafted to create the distinctive and unique taste profile that Amarula is known for.

This summer, Amarula is giving everyone the opportunity to win their share of R200 000 in cash, along with decadent spot prizes, on their social media – set to treat you and your friends to a delicious taste experience with gourmet Amarula cocktails, food flavour bursts and views and activities to awaken the carefree spirit in you. You can share your dream summer with #ALittleSomethingSomething. 

To stand a chance to win one of 40 R5 000 cash prizes, you can buy any new-look or current look 750 ml or 1 litre bottle of delicious Amarula Cream Liqueurs. Simply scan the QR code on the neck tag or take a photo of your till slip, then WhatsApp ‘Hello Amarula’ to 087 240 5800. Running until 31 December, 2021, five winners will be announced every week on social media after they have been contacted and validated. 

Amarula is available at all leading liquor and retailing outlets – the ideal companion for any occasion. You can enjoy our classic Amarula Cream Liqueur infused with the exotic taste of the marula fruit or the Raspberry, Chocolate and African Baobab with notes of raspberry and a hint of citrus-infused baobab extract chilled over crushed ice, anytime, anywhere. If you are a little bit more daring, try your hand at some tried-and-tested Amarula cocktails to entertain and surprise your friends with.

Amarula – The Spirit of Africa.