The term local is lekker always rings true in a country as diverse as South Africa, where one is always guaranteed a taste extravaganza. As citizens prepare to celebrate Heritage Day this week, Uber Eats has unveiled some of the most loved, tried and tested traditional tastes that Mzansi has come to love. 

Favourite flavours 
Here in the land of ama-piano, basic does not cut it. What does get cut (into 8), is a flame-grilled chicken, with the most requested being the thigh and breast piece, even if the wing still remains the most popular single-order on the Uber Eats app. 

While traditional starch like rice, was most commonly swapped out for pap, as the app has seen a growing demand for the daily staple. Achar remains the most ordered traditional extra with orders including russians, viennas  braaied meat, and kotas. 

Made for Mzansi 
Being a global app, Uber Eats understands its duty to local restaurants and onboarding traditional, local and kasi-styled eateries has always been a priority. While the app was the first of its kind to launch in the township, Soweto, it provided a key opportunity to give traditional flavours an international platform. 

With a growing demand from South Africans to have their favourite local eateries available, Uber Eats has been actively increasing the availability of these restaurants on the app.  Magodu was ordered 3x times more than last year! Bunny chows and curries reigned supreme in traditional cuisine, followed by Chinese stir-fries and Thai-infused woks.

Homegrown is hot and healthy 
What is a curry without its masala or a chakalaka minus the chilli? If it’s one thing that gets a dis lekker response is anything with spice. Hot was again the most requested flavour for any meal-type, while medium to mild were less loved but still appreciated. 

Quite a few South Africans requested extra hot, with one eater going as far as requesting “Please make sure it is extra hot with extra chilli. Also, please add in extra serviettes as I’m going to be wiping my forehead with this!” 

Throughout the nationwide lockdown, Uber Eats reports that there has been a stark increase in those who are ordering healthier meals and alternatives. The keyword ‘healthy’ grew by 82% and healthy orders have increased by 71% locally. In true South African style, as the days get hotter, so should the beach-ready bodies.

Manners is a must
While food flavours may differ from culture to culture, everyone knows that respect is the local language spoken. No home is without love and common courtesy as South Africans pride themselves on being warm and welcoming. So much so, the country placed at number 3 globally on the app’s statistics when it comes to using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ on any special order requests. 

Heritage Day is about honouring homegrown roots in cuisine, clothing and celebrations. It’s a day where the country embodies what it is to be a rainbow nation.