Pioneer Foods is launching a recall of certain 100% apple juice products, sold under its LiquiFruit brand in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, and Ceres brand in other jurisdictions (exports).

“The health and wellbeing of our consumers is of absolute importance to us, and hence when we identified the potential of a food safety issue, following in-house standard testing and engagement with one of our local suppliers, we immediately launched an internal investigation into all our 100% apple juice products” explains Tertius Carstens, CEO.

The investigation to date, has confirmed that a limited quantity of apple juice concentrate supplied to us, contained elevated levels of patulin. Based on these results the company took the decision to launch the recall. Patulin is a naturally occurring mycotoxin commonly associated with apples. The recall is based on the presence of this mycotoxin (patulin) exceeding 50 parts per billion (microgram/kg) which is the regulatory threshold.

“We have taken the decision, as a precautionary measure and with the interests of our consumers at heart, to launch a recall of products produced from the apple juice concentrate batch in question”.


Products Affected: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia

The following LiquiFruit 100% Apple Juice SKUs sold inside South Africa, Botswana and Namibia are affected.

Here are the relevant batch and production codes:

Product NameSingle unit barcodeDate Coding
LiquiFruit Clear Apple 250ml carton60052599PD 11.06.2021 / BB 11.06.2022
LiquiFruit Clear Apple 330ml can6001240225561PD 07.06.2021 / BB 07.06.2022PD 08.06.2021 / BB 08.06.2022
LiquiFruit Clear Apple 300ml can6001240239346PD 21.06.2021 / BB 21.06.2022
LiquiFruit Clear Apple 1L6001048000339PD 07.06.2021 / BB 07.06.2022PD 08.06.2021 / BB 08.06.2022

Products Affected: Outside of South Africa

The following Ceres 100% Apple Juice SKUs sold outside of South Africa are affected.

Here are the relevant batch and production codes:

Product NameSingle unit barcodeDate coding
Export: Ceres Apple 4x6x200ml6001240200018PD 14.06.2021 / BB 14.06.2022
PD 21.06.2021 / BB 21.06.2022
PD 22.06.2021 / BB 22.06.2022
Export: Ceres Apple  Sparkling 275 ml glass6 001240 222676PD 14.06.2021 / BB 14.06.2022PD 15.06.2021 / BB 15.06.2022

Ceres Apple 12x1L
6001240100011PD 17.06.2021 / BB 17.06.2022PD 18.06.2021 / BB 18.06.2022
PD 21.06.2021 / BB 21.06.2022PD 22.06.2021 / BB 22.06.2022

Carstens clarifies: “We have not received any complaints from consumers about these products but decided to accelerate further testing on this product range to be absolutely certain of the extent of the potential impact”.

Consumers who have the products listed above, with the specific batch or date coding, are urged to return these products to the retailer from which they were purchased, to receive a full refund.


The quickest way to receive a refund is to return the product to the retailer. But if you need additional information or are unable to return the product to the retailer, contact:
Call: Consumer care line on 0800 212 360
Email: consumercare@pioneerfoods.

 All other Liqui Fruit product codes are unaffected and do not need to be returned.