Lucozade are on site bringing help and hope by handing out flavourful bottles of the drink to the well-deserving staff who are working tirelessly at Momentum Centurion and Sandton and Dis-Chem Fourways as they vaccinate hundreds of people each day. 

A South African household brand that symbolises embracing life and being positive even in the face of seemingly overwhelming challenges, Lucozade is bringing inspiration and  fit-for-purpose zeal to those who need it most right now. Promising not just physical but mental energy too, Lucozade helps you to tackle any task, no matter how long and challenging with essential vigour and gusto. Talk about lightening the load! 

“What better way for us to contribute right now than adding some energy to the national vaccination campaign,” explains Lucozade brand spokesperson. “This is our way of thanking those who are assisting in getting our country through this difficult time.” 

Lucozade uses glucose, the body’s natural source of energy, to boost focus and deal with pressure.  “By offering Lucozade to those who are trying their best, we hope that this show of support conveys our appreciation to the people behind the scenes, and also to all the people from every walk of life queuing for their vaccination.”

We’re all feeling the pressure of the Third Wave which has taken its toll on our wellbeing in so many ways. We could all use some vibrancy and extra zest to carry us through. 

“If Lucozade can make a small difference by uplifting people and providing a healthy and sustained source of energy to bolster minds and bodies to get us through this time, then we’ve played a part in helping,” says Lucozade brand spokesperson. 

This is what Lucozade stands for: rolling with the punches, resilience, reaching those goals regardless of how tough they might be, finishing what you started and pushing through no matter what stands in your way. With this type of attitude behind the vaccine campaign, South Africa can only be successful.