Located at the heart of one of Durban’s trendiest streets, Florida Road, Madam and Sir is an up-market contemporary casual dining restaurant with a tastefully vibrant aesthetic, friendly service and a deliciously diverse menu.

Madam and Sir is a full-service restaurant which opens at 07:30am for breakfast and serves lunch and dinner till close. For the early risers, the restaurant has amazing coffee, high speed WIFI and the menu offers delicious light breakfast options like Eggs Benedict, the R45 On the Go breakfast which can be upsized and the Madam’s remedy for a hangover – the Spicy BY All Mince! By far, the most loved breakfast is the Sir Breakfast which is a full house.

The lunch and dinner menu offers a delectable combination of light meals, grills, seafood, and the ever-so-loved sushi! Madam and Sir guests love the Wings, Chips and Cheese Dip starter, the Cheesy Prawn Tails starter, the juicy Sir Burger, and the tender Sirloin Steak. Guests looking for shareable meals, absolutely adore the Sir’s Meat Platter or the Madam’s Seafood Platter!

The Seafood loving guests are obsessed with the M&S Seafood Delight, the Sir’s Sizzling Fish and they always look forward to finding out the Catch of the Day which Head-Chef Cobra Bhengu always goes out of his way to source fresh from renowned local fishermen.

After months of having Sushi on and off the menu, Madam and Sir will be officially introducing a combination of traditional sushi options but has also curated some delicious signature sushi options! Those who know Chef Bhengu, know that his Sushi skills are advanced, this is a skill he went all the way to Tokyo to study for and with it, has,till recently, successfully led one of Chartwell Drives’ busiest seafood restaurants for the past 6 years.

According to the owners “the Madam and Sir menu is designed to be a celebration of food, a celebration of diversity and a celebration of life”. South Africa has a diversity of culture, influences and nuances which need to be acknowledged and celebrated– that is what Madam and Sir stands for – not just in its menu, but in its overall aesthetic and ambiance.


After years of designing and bringing to life upmarket restaurants for their clients, the architect and interior designer husband and wife design duo fell in love with the restaurant industry and decided to invest by starting their own restaurant. It’s taken time to build, but for them, Madam and Sir is a display of their vision for what’s possible in restaurant interior spaces, and a celebration of love, good food, and relationships – whether romantic, family or otherwise. “We want each guest that comes to Madam and Sir to feel a sense of freedom, connectedness and love” said “the Madam”.

Madam and Sir is a three-pronged name: it is, firstly, a statement of positioning in that historically ‘madams’ and ‘sirs’ were esteemed members of society – without infringing on classism, Madam and Sir speaks of ‘prestige’, ‘chic’ and ‘honor’. The second aspect of the vision is to nullify the divide and make a statement that everyone is a madam and sir. This speaks to our customer-centric pillar which is “to give service fit for a madam and sir to all our guests, regardless of age, race, gender or social status”. The final aspect of the name is that the founders are a married couple and so the name speaks to their love of love, of people, and of dining out.

When Madam and sir started, it was in a “café-size” space. Since a few weeks ago, Madam and Sir has been expanding and redecorating and they will soon officially launch; something guests – new and old – can look forward to!


“Madam and Sir’s vision is to take guests on a nostalgic culinary journey by serving captivating food – paired with world-class wines and drinks – in a beautifully designed and sophisticated space with repeatedly great service.”

Madam and Sir’s Mission

  • To always marry the 4 pillars of *delicious food, * beautiful dining spaces with *great ambiance and *repeatedly great service.
  • To provide a diverse menu that allows guests to latch on to familiar meal options while constantly introducing seasonal options and specials to keep them excited and pleasantly surprised and coming back for more!
  • To keep innovating and creating a sophisticated dining ambiance that guests will love and keep coming back for.
  • To keep raising the bar on service by making each guest feel like a “madam” or “sir.”
  • To present values of inclusivity where people of all races, gender, age groups, religion, wealth etc., can come to dine without prejudice or discrimination.

Located on 262 Florida Road. For bookings contact: 081-508-6567.