The National Metrology Institute of South Africa [NMISA]

The National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) has entered into a five (5) year workable collaboration agreement in the form of an MOU with the National Institute of Standards (NIS) of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

This comes after NMISA hosted a successful Africa Food Safety Workshop (AFSW2022) which saw representatives from national, regional and international institutions in the chemistry and microbiological field including prominent industry experts, academia, and experts within the regulatory food safety space, specifically food testing laboratories and quality infrastructure institutions, food manufacturers, researchers in academia, governmental and non-governmental food control programmes coming together to share insights and research around food safety.

In order to provide a mechanism for scientific and technical cooperation, the NIS of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and NMISA agreed in a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to pursue scientific and technical cooperation in metrology in accordance with their areas of expertise. 


The purpose of these MOU is to strengthen relationships between NIS and NMISA and also provide a framework for the exchange and cooperation in scientific and technical knowledge and the augmentation of scientific and technical capabilities of both Parties. 

Cooperative activities will include the exchanges of technical information, reference data and materials, calibrations, and standards; exchange visits; cooperative research between scientists of both entities engaged in research disciplines of mutual interest within the scope of programs of the entities and other forms of cooperative activities as mutually agreed upon.

As a first outflow of the MOU, there are discussions of NIS officially hosting the next Africa Food Safety Conference in two years’ time.