According to the World Health Organization, one in 10 people fall ill every year from eating contaminated food, and 420,000 people die each year as a result.

In food processing, a hygienic, healthy and productive environment is paramount. Protecting your process from all forms of contamination is a daily concern.

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ can help you ensure a hygienic environment. As an industry innovator and leader in hygiene products for nearly 150 years, we’ve got the tools, solutions and guidance to help meet your needs.

A typical food processing facility has many different areas and tasks, each with differing requirements. It’s essential to use the right tools to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. We offer solutions from light-duty wiping to deep cleaning and washroom.


Light-duty and specialty wiping

When you are after an absorbent single-use paper wiper, WypAll® Professional Wiping Paper offers a versatile wiper in a WypAll® Reach™ Dispenser to meet your needs. It is designed to help prevent transmission of foodborne bacteria caused by handling of exposed blue rolls during food preparation. The dispenser is portable ensuring the wipes are always at hand for cleaning surfaces.

Also, our WetTask™ System is a simple, reliable, easy to use system for surface wiping needs. Low-lint synthetic wipes with a compact or large sheet size can be pre-soaked with your choice of solvent or disinfectant for removing grease or adhesive residues. The bucket and wipes are prepared with the desired solution before use, and the solvent or disinfectant used can be marked quickly and easily using a flexible system of coloured strips. The ready to use, clean and fresh-soaked wipes save time and improve safety by reducing spills and chemical evaporation.


In process clean-up

When a food spillage occurs or you have to remove the build-up of ingredients, reduce the risk of cross-contamination by segregating tasks within your facility with our colour-coded  cleaning cloths. WypAll® X50 Interfolded Cloths are solvent

resistant, strong enough to tackle tough tasks and absorb six times their own weight in oil. They contain no adhesives or binders, reducing surface residue, and come in convenient individual packs, with four colour variants for HACCP compliance. The cloths are ideal for cleaning surfaces and 

wiping down machinery.


Deep cleaning and product changeover

During product changeovers and at set times when a line is stopped to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, our premium products reduce cross-contamination and speed the cleaning process. Lightweight and durable WypAll® X80 Cloths allow effective cleaning of difficult to reach surfaces. WypAll® X80 Cloths are absorbent and solvent resistant, weigh five times less than an average rag, and contain no adhesive or binders. Unique Power Pockets improve absorption and help trap dirt and grime quicker and more effectively, providing assurance that manufacturing equipment is meticulously clean before the next production run.


Washroom facility

Having a clean, hygienic washroom is just as important as ensuring your facility is clean. Practicing proper hygiene in the washroom helps prevent contamination and the spread of germs in your facility. Equip your washroom with Scott® Foam Hand Cleanser, which delivers up to twice as many washes per litre as conventional liquid soaps and uses between 16-45%  less water to wash hands, and strong, highly absorbent Scott® Essential™ Rolled Hand Towels, which are food contact certified.

If you would like some assistance in ensuring a hygienic food processing environment, visit https://home.kcprofessionalcom/sa/hygiene-resources to schedule a virtual hygiene site walk with a Kimberly-Clark Hygiene Professional and let us guide you to achieve the level of hygiene your facility needs.

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