One of the largest dairy manufacturers in South Africa, Woodlands Dairy, has launched into the dairy alternative category with their oat drink range, Harvest. The launch comes as demand in dairy alternatives continues to grow both locally and abroad.

Says Marisa Maccaferri, Marketing Executive for Woodlands Dairy and First Choice: “The market for plant-based dairy alternatives is growing worldwide. There are various drivers behind this change in consumption habits. Dairy alternatives have come a long way in terms of taste delivery, consumer diets are changing, and some consume dairy alternatives due to allergies or intolerances.”

Thulile Memela, Brand Manager at Woodlands Dairy and First Choice, adds that Harvest is loaded with nutritional benefits. “Dairy, lactose and gluten-free, the plain variant has no added sugar, and all are free from any preservatives. Plus, we only use high quality oats.”

Memela continues that oat drinks are perfect for use in smoothies, protein shakes, over cereal, or when baking. “My personal favourite is the Barista variant in my latte or coffee. It makers the perfect foam and is deliciously thick and smooth. And of course, our cinnamon buns are to die for. Find the recipe on our website. Harvest is ideal for any foodie, coffee aficionado or barista!

The company has recently completed a roadshow, visiting coffee shops in Gauteng and the Western Cape to showcase their new brand. “It was very well received. The baristas were impressed with the Barista variant, especially the froth and the texture. We’re focussed on delivering high quality products, which live up to its promise of functionality and taste delivery. We’re so excited about this new brand,” says Memela.

Maccaferri concludes that sustainability is a key focus area for Woodlands Dairy and First Choice. “We want to offer consumers the opportunity to make a good choice for the future of the planet, and Harvest is no different. The pack is 100% recyclable, FSC certified and more than 80% renewable. We truly believe that by continuously making small, impactful changes, we can make a difference and reduce our impact on the environment. 

“First Choice Harvest is perfect for breakfast, teas and coffees, shakes and bakes. Whatever you like and however you mix things up, you’ll be impressed. Life’s too short for same-same,” Maccaferri concludes.

Available in Plain and Barista (no added sugar) and Chocolate and Vanilla (sweetened), Harvest is priced competitively as it is locally manufactured, and available in 1l (Plain, Chocolate, Vanilla and Barista; RSP R39.99) and 250ml (Plain; RSP R11, 90). 

Harvest, like you, is great the way it is! 

The product is available from and at the First Choice Dairy Shops in Boksburg, Gezina, Silverton and Humansdorp. 

Visit for more info.

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